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The Joyful


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The Joyful are an impact led digital marketing agency who were looking for a fresh new identity for their thriving agency as it moved into an exciting new period of growth. The Joyful are ‘not just another digital marketing agency’ they work with heart, staying true to their core values of joy, authenticity, courage and impact. 

The Brief

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We worked with the brilliant ‘Joyful’ team to create a vibrant new identity that oozed connection, warmth and impact. We developed a brand that encapsulated the amazing energy of the founders, Alice and Sophie, weaving in themes of spirituality by creating 4 core geometric gold icons and using layered textures to create depth. Incorporating a brush script font softened the serif typefaces and added a ‘human touch’ to the typography.


The Joyful logo was playfully created to personify the feeling of joy with the ‘o’ elevating and floating above the rest of the logo. 


The Joyful are passionate about what they do and doing it with love which inspired us to also create a secondary ‘Do it with love’ brand icon, to be used across their web, social and marketing. 

The Solution

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Other projects:

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