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This is not business as usual, our dynamic team are out to make an impact and understand how to create brands that get your people talking.


Kirsty Denro

KICO Founder

and Creative Director

I love bringing clients ideas & visions to life, and collaborating with amazing people

who inspire me. 

One of my favourite things about what I do is uncovering and understanding the passion and purpose behind a business, and translating it into a visual identity. 


Sophie Turton

Brand Consultant​

Founder Electric Peach

I love telling stories that engage and delight audiences. I specialise in creating strong brand identities and building communities that further your mission and get people excited about your business.



Reuben Turner

Creative Director and Consultant

Founder of Rewild Creative

Reuben has worked with over 100 UK charities on fundraising, engagement and brand. Reuben focuses on creating purposeful brand narratives and ownable brand ideas for organisations, enabling them to develop authentic and differentiating identities.


Danielle Nodwell

Brand Strategist

Founder of Baboosh!

A brand specialist of 20 years - Danielle brings her experience of working with brands and agencies in London to the KICO collective. Dani helps to build the foundations of brilliant brands, creating awe inspiring ideas and strategy, as well as giving the tools needed for any business to launch, grow and thrive.


Alice Chambers

Senior Designer ​

Founder MsChamberino

I am a typography lover and enthusiast. I specialise in editorial design across print, and social media. I love taking brands and product designs to the next level, using my typography and editorial skills to create impactful design work, full of personality and thoughtful design elements.


Jason Bradberry

Digital Designer​
Founder Future Selves

I design brand-led, carbon conscious websites. I'm a firm believer that creating work of real value begins with asking good questions. My aim is to create design that communicates with purpose and focus, underpinned by clear strategic thinking and the power of words and typography.


Viran Chana

Web Designer and Digital Artist

Co-founder Original Box Co.

I'm a web designer who loves Squarespace. My designs are influenced by minimalism and nature, and I love creating online content that is self-sufficient, drives leads and sales, and most importantly, works for you! 


Roshni Kahol

Marketing Director 

Co-founder Original Box Co.

Minimalist website design is our philosophy. I enjoy forming trusting relationships with our clients, and listening carefully to their challenges and needs so that we can address them in a business strategic way. It's truly rewarding to see clients thrive.


Sule Savas

Design and Social Media Support

Founder Zoomtodigi

I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of graphic design, as well as, being able to use creativity to better the design and experience for users. One of my favourite things is planning social media content to improve clients' reputations.

Blue Skies

plus a whole world of amazing talent

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