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To create a brand that personified GenerativeWork's innovative coaching and consultancy services.

Inspired by eco systems, intelligent design and the natural flow of things. 

We set out to create a brand identity which expressed the impact, harmony and expansion possible when you embrace their approach. 

The Brief

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The visual identity for this brand took inspiration from movement, expansion and flow. We used imagery of fractals in nature to indicate systems working and growing in natural synergy. 

The colour palette was designed to give a feeling of calm with soothing greens and pinks complemented with pops of bright coral to add a sense of impact and dynamism.

We created collages to represent the potential for growth, expansion and self expression within each of us.

A series of organic shapes were created, which interlink to create the brand mark. The three shapes within the mark represent the three levels on which GenertativeWork operate; hand, heart and head.


These shapes are also used throughout the branding to create image frames and to form part of the collages. 


The brand features a core logo, with an elongated 'E', again to reference expansion. This concept is carried across a family of logos which also feature elongated letters. 

The Solution

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