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We were approached by a successful health & safety consultant with ambitious growth plans for her business. This was to be a brand that added a whack of personality, fun and lightness to the health and safety industry. The founder of Hello Safety, Denise Testa describes health and safety as a ‘caring industry’ which for her is all about creating safe spaces for people to thrive. 

The Brief

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I don’t know what to say..just WOW. I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding work you’ve done on this. It looks so professional, fresh and has exceeded all expectations. THANK YOU!!!

Denise Testa - Founder, Hello Safety

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We were inspired by the challenge of creating something bright, fun and fresh for Hello Safety.  

Denise asked us for a positive, friendly, jargon-free solution as she was tired of seeing companies using scaremongering and information overload to intimidate people into action. 


We initially developed 2 routes, 1 playing it slightly safer and one bold, exciting route that would really stand out from the crowd. We were thrilled when Hello safety agreed to go big and bold! 


We developed a bold but simplistic colour palette, to be used in block colours for maximum impact. All photography used is bright, modern and inclusive.  


The core hello safety logo features playful customisation of the letter ‘y’ creating a visual of a smiley face or safety net beneath the logo. Reflecting the friendly and reliable nature of the business.


The copy for hello safety has been skillfully crafted to keep the words to a minimum and the impact high. Clear statements and a friendly tone of voice are used throughout the branding, to connect with people and to give this new business a bright, positive vibe to match its ethos and values. 

The Solution

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