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Complete Me approached us in search of an agency to create branding, product and packaging design for their new range of nutritional supplements, formulated by registered Nutritionist Natalie Le Bouedec. The aim was to create a brand that moved supplements from the health sector into the realm of the booming wellbeing and beauty industry.

The Brief

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KICO were able to capture precisely what our brand stands for, and this is one of the reasons we have had such great success with our product range. Without their fantastic innovative design, we would not have stood out from the crowd and made the impact we have!

Natalie Le Bouedec - Founder, Complete Me


We began this project by thoroughly researching into the supplements market. Following this we decided to move away from the norm of pharmaceutical looking design to venture into an aspirational beauty and wellness aesthetic.


The Complete Me logo was created using a bracket traditionally used in mathematical formulations, as a nod to the unique and powerful formulations that Natalie had created for their blends.


We designed a unique packaging concept, inspired by the shape of pharmaceutical prescription bags. This packaging was specifically designed to make an impact and stand out amongst the sea of boxes within this category whilst also creating a more premium feel and enjoyable user experience.


The brand’s minimal styling is combined with aspirational photography and simple icons to explain the science and thinking behind each of the supplements. Complete Me is a modern, bold brand on a mission to ‘empower people to look and feel their best’.  

The Solution

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