Alexandra Kay




Alexandra Kay is a brilliantly talented artist and the daughter of Green People founder Charlotte Vohtz. The brief was to create a brand for Alexandra’s new wellness range. To be inspired by Alexandra’s personal wellness journey. Alexandra was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos in her mid-twenties – a debilitating connective tissue disorder, which led her to turn to natural wellness techniques. 

The aim of the range was also to raise awareness of EDS, and for each product sold a percentage of the profits goes to The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK charity.

The Brief

Logo 1-01.png
Logo 2-01.png

For this range, we took a huge amount of inspiration from Alexandra’s beautiful art. Her pieces have inspired the colour palette and she also hand-painted the painted sections which feature across the packaging. 


The monogram logo was designed to include a delicate feather, which is a symbol that is personally significant to Alexandra. 


The aim of the range was to create ‘a world of wellbeing’ full of moments of calm, relaxation and respite. 

The scents within the range have been created using expertly blended essential oils to create powerful remedies to help revive, relax and calm the body and senses. 

The Solution


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